How To Order

Please use the contact form  to submit your orders.  Otherwise, please send an email to:  
Be sure when you submit your order that you include the following:
  1. Your name
  2. Your address
  3. A phone number where you can be reached
  4. An email address where we can follow-up with your order


Remember: orders submitted via e-mail not only are submitted to us quicker but are in return, processed and shipped in a more timely fashion.  Thanks!



The 2019 season is finally here!


We're currently working on an exciting new products for the 2018 season.  Take a look at the *New for 2019* page for all of our latest designs! 

Visit our Etsy Store Online!


In order to purchase an ornament from J's Clays, feel free to either continue to contact us by email at:


or visit our Etsy Store!

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