New for 2018

Take a look at the new ornaments we have created just for you new for 2018!


Santa's Bag


Santa is getting ready to make his yearly visit.  He's filling up his bag with lots of Christmas joy! 


This ornament can be personalized with several                                                                     names and is perfect for

                                                         large families!


                                                         $16.00 + S&H

Snowman Hat


This happy Frosty the snowman definitely has some magic in this hat of his - Christmas magic!  Celebrate the magic of the season with this adorable ornament on your tree!


$16.00 + S&H

Christmas Lights


Your tree with surely sparkle with these glittery lights!  This festive ornament will bring a smile to your face for sure!


This ornament can be                  personalized with 2 - 7                                                                          different lights.  Colors may                                                                  vary but requests can be                                                                      made!  


                                                         $16.00 + S&H

Igloo Family


Your loved ones will look super 'cool' hanging out on this igloo!  Glitter and snow add sparkle and character to this precious ornament. 


                                                                                                                  This ornament can be                                                                          personalized with 2-10                                                                          names


                                                               $16.00 + S&H

Reindeer Stockings


Rudolph is in the Christmas spirit too!  Let him decorate your tree with his glittery stockings!


This ornament can be personalized with 1-7                      stockings.


                                                     $16.00 + S&H

Candy Cane Family


This 'sweet' candy cane will sparkle and shine under the lights on your tree and bring a smile to your face!  


This ornament can be personalized with 2-6 names.


                               $15.00 + S&H

Candy Cane Ornament Ball


Gather your family around this 'sweet' ornament ball!


This ornament can be personalized with 2-8 names


$16.00 + S&H

Baby Bear


Celebrate a first Christmas with this sweet teddy bear!  In addition to the traditional pink and blue, colors can be customized on this cute little bear.  


                                                      $15.00 + S&H

Super Mario

"It's a-me, Mario!" Bring out the kid in anyone with this iconic game! 


$14.00 + S&H

Peppa Pig


I'm Peppa Pig! *Snort*- I love muddy puddles!


Bring a smile to the faces of some of the littlest in your family this year with everyone's favorite piggy!


                                              $14.00 + S&H

Lego Batman


Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na BATMAN!


Everyone's favorite hero has now been Lego-ized!  What can be better than everyon's favority childhood toy and childhood superhero combined into one!


                                    $14.00 + S&H

The Incredibles


This summer's blockbuster movie (and everyone's favorite crime-fighting family) can now celebrate the incredible person(s) in your life too!  


$14.00 + S&H

Personalized Heart


Commemorate your family's special moments with a special message!  We can personalize any moment from this year for you!


$14.00 + S&H

Mickey Mouse


M-I-C-...K-E-Y     M-..O-..U-...S-...E 


Bring a smile to the face of your favorite Mouseketeer!  Young or Younger, we all love our favorite mouse!


                                                  $14.00 + S&H

Minnie Mouse


Classy and Sassy!  Minnie will decorate your tree with smiles all around!


$14.00 + S&H



Tickle all the giggles from your little ones this year with their name on their favorite furry monster.  Remember, "Elmo Loves You!"


$14.00 + S&H



Fortnite really has taken the world by storm!  Kiddos and adults alike are captivated!  Celebrate their favorite pasttime with this 'battle royale' ornament!


                                                               $15.00 + S&H

Pew Pew Stormtrooper


Ok, who doesn't love a witty stormtrooper?  Star Wars fans will absolutely LOVE this guy!


$14.00 + S&H

Santa Puppy


Even man's best friend is feeling festive this year! 


Custom colors will try to be honored upon request. 


$14.00 + S&H


The 2019 season is finally here!


We're currently working on an exciting new products for the 2018 season.  Take a look at the *New for 2019* page for all of our latest designs! 

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