New Designs for 2019

Winter Door

Nothing feels as special as being home for Christmas.  Whether it is a new home or your family's happy place for years, welcome Christmas to your house with this sweet front door!


This ornament can be personalized to say "Our New Home,"  ":Our First Home," The family name, The street address, Individual family members' names, etc.  


                                                                                          $16.00 + S&H

In The Meadow...

"In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman!"   What a way to capture a favorite childhood memory but in song!?  


This ornamnet can be personalized with 1-10 snowflakes, each with an individual's name.  The family name and year can be personalized either at the top or across the snowman.  


                                                                                          $17.00 + S&H

Dashing Through The Snow

Take a sleigh ride with the ones you love this holiday season in this festive sled!


This ornamnet can be                                                                          personalized with 1-8                                                                            heads, each with an                                                                              individual's name.  The                                                                          family name and year can                                                                    be personalized across the                                                                  length of the sled above the                                                                runner.


                                                                                         $17.00 + S&H

Christmas Ornament Balls

Deck the halls with these festive ornament balls!


This ornament can be personalized with 1-8 ornament balls, each including a name across the the white banner in the middle!


The family name and year can be included on one of the ornament balls or across the bottom of one of the ornaments.


                                                                                          $16.00 + S&H

Gingerbread House

This ornament looks good enough to eat!


Personalize this gingerbread family with 1-7 heads, each with a name personalized                                                                    across the hats.  Family names                                                            and the year can be placed on                                                            the snow across the bottoms..


                                                                                          $17.00 + S&H

2019 Ring

I hear wedding bells!


Celebrate one of life's most precious moments with this sparkly 2019 ornament.  


This ornament can be personalized with the phrase "We're Engaged!" or "Just Married!" at the top of the ring and the date across the bottom of the ring.  Finally, the names of the couple can be written in the banner across the bottom.  


                                                                                          $17.00 + S&H

I Love You To The Moon & Back!


This sweet ornamtent celebrates your new bundle of joy in such a precious way!  This ornament can be personalized with the popular phrase, "I Love You to the Moon & Back!" down the moon and can still have plenty of room for the baby's name, 1st Christmas, birthdate or more!  The onsie can be made in pink, blue, pastel yellow and pastel green.  


                                                                                          $15.00 + S&H

Crayon Box


The start of school is always such an exciting time of our children's lives.  Celebrate this moment with this colorful box of crayons! 


This ornament can be personalized with grade, student's name and year. 


                                                                                          $15.00 + S&H


The 2019 season is finally here!


We're currently working on an exciting new products for the 2018 season.  Take a look at the *New for 2019* page for all of our latest designs! 

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